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If you’re one of those people who thinks that nothing could compare to a handmade, homemade tortilla made from scratch, then you wouldn’t be alone. We felt the same way until we cooked up our beyond satisfying, preservative-free recipe. Mi Casa Tortillas are the real deal. These warm, delicious blankets of goodness are as close to homemade as it gets. But don’t take our word for it. Stop by our shop sometime to see for yourself. If it’s your first time dropping in, we’ll even serve you up a steamy, freshly made tortilla with savory melted butter dripping off of the edges. Consider it a welcome gift for coming by to see us. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing you again soon.

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Our Signature Items —


Flour Tortillas

We can’t say it enough—our flour tortillas are the REAL DEAL! We truly believe that they’re as close to homemade as you’re gonna get. Period. When you open up a dozen of Mi Casa flour tortillas, you won’t be hit with that unpleasant, plastic-like aroma that so many other brands hit your nose with. That’s because our tortillas are 100% PRESERVATIVE FREE! Our recipe consists of flour, water, lard, salt, & baking powder. THAT’S IT! There are zero nasty chemicals with names we can’t even pronounce. We only use real, wholesome ingredients that deliver.


Corn Tortillas

Sometimes, less is more. Our corn tortillas are proof of that. After treating corn with water & lime, we then mill it to make our fresh corn masa. Once our masa is made, we go straight into tortilla-making. No extra steps or ingredients needed. Just corn, water, & lime. Forget all those filler ingredients & preservatives! For corn tortillas, we strive for simplicity at its finest.


Taco & Tostada Shells

It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t love the mouth-watering, crunchy goodness of tacos or tostadas. But having to fry all the shells for them, that’s not exactly on the top of everyone’s list of favorites. We know how you feel, so we go ahead and do all the dirty work for you.


Tamale Masa

For those of you who have your own special recipe for prepared tamale masa, this is the stuff for you. Our regular tamale masa only consists of freshly milled corn that’s treated with water & lime. The rest is all up to you. It’ll be ready for you to prepare it however you wish before making your favorite tamales.



Imagine a hot, steaming, delicious bowl of menudo or pozole without the hominy. Yah, we don’t want to either. Luckily, that awful thought doesn’t have to become a reality with our freshly packed Nixtamal.



All fresh—all the time. Our mouth-watering salsas & pico de gallo are made from nothing but completely natural, farm-grown ingredients. We select the freshest red, ripened tomatoes, crisp peppers, robust onions, spicy & flavor-packed chiles, & fragrant cilantro mixed with the perfect blend of spices. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Wheat Tortillas

Our wheat tortillas are so crazy good that we have a feeling you’ll soon forget just how good for you they actually are. Just like our flour tortillas, these babies are packed with flavor & are also 100% preservative-free. Made with whole wheat flour & pure, all-natural soybean oil, our wheat tortillas are 100% VEGAN-FRIENDLY. So, for those of us wanting to eat a little healthier without sacrificing any of the delicious flavor, these are the tortillas for you!



What’s a party without the chips, amirite? Well, here at Mi Casa Tortilla, we have all your tortilla chip needs covered! We start off with our flavor-packed, preservative-free corn tortillas & deep fry them in 100% pure soybean oil ‘til golden & crunchy. We finish off these crowd favorites with pure sea salt, but we can also keep the salt inside the shaker if you prefer them that way. In the mood to switch it up? Try a bag of our hearty flour tortilla chips for a whole different level of satisfaction. We offer them deliciously plain or with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon & sugar. Life is sure sweet, ain’t it?



Let’s face it—tamales are INCREDIBLE, but not everyone has the time & patience that it takes to make them. So let us serve you up our freshly made Red Chile Pork, Green Chile Corn, or Jalapeno Popper tamales. We promise your taste buds will thank you for it.


Prepared Tamale Masa

Our delicious, secret family recipe for prepared tamale masa is one of our most popular items here at Mi Casa Tortilla. We hope you’ll give it a try so you can see why. Not only do we think you’ll love the sensational texture and flavor, but we’re also pretty confident that you’ll also love how much time our prepared masa will save you. After all, the faster you make your tamales, the faster you can get to eating them!



Doesn’t a bean & cheese burro sound incredible right now? Yah…we think so too! But when doesn’t it? That’s why we always have our freshly cooked beans in-store & ready to go. We also know where you can find some pretty amazing tortillas that will go PERFECTLY with them. :)


Mi Casa delivers to us 2 times a week with fresh product. Our restaurant uses their tortillas and chili pods for all of our homemade Mexican food. We appreciate the customer service and love doing business with Mi Casa.
— Jessica & Tracy, Owners of The Miner's Diner & Bar, Morenci, AZ
Mi Casa Tortillas are the only tortillas my family will eat. They are seriously just like homemade. You won’t find any other tortillas like them in the grocery store isles, that’s for dang sure.
— Krista, Thatcher, AZ
My kiddos have all grown & moved away but they still ask Mom to send them their favorite tortillas from Mi Casa. Now that they offer online ordering, that’s one less thing I have to worry about.
— Carol, Safford, AZ
I moved to North Dakota from Arizona and there is no tortilla here that can even touch the flavor and quality of Mi Casa Tortillas. I have them shipped to me every single month and even turned a bunch of my coworkers into customers.
— Michael, Minot, ND


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